Valley Acres:

valley 1

If you’re from this area you’ve probably driven past this place countless times. Maybe you’ve intended on stopping in to see what’s inside but just never have for one reason or another. I drive past Valley Acres almost everyday and decided that I would stop in once and for all. I was on a pilgrimage to find fresh blueberries and I found them here at Valley Acres. I also found and bought fresh corn, garlic, peaches and a most delicious cheesecake.


When you go to a place like Valley Acres you cannot help but be reminded of a simpler time in our former American lives before computers, cell phones and other unnecessary distractions somehow took hold of our lives.  Ten years from now a place like Valley Acres will no longer exist so the next time you are driving by, give into the urge and stop in.


 Valley Acres is located on Route 9 between Saratoga and Malta. It is directly across the street from Jack Dillon’s restaurant. It is open all day, everyday.

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